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Computer Vision

Smart Shelf Replenishment System 

The Problem is that superstore shelves usually run out of the items on special occasions or during unexpected peak hours. The impotence of fulfilling customer’s demand results in a bad visitor experience and can influence other stable operations like smooth checkout and shelf replenishment.

The Challenge is to design a hassle free out of stock shelf recognition system that can pave path towards instant shelf replenishment strategy and ensure better customer experience by saving both time and money.

Case Study

Mark is a manager of a Super Mart and he is facing challenges to fulfill the requirements of his customers on occasions such as Christmas, Black Friday or weekends. The sale of Superstore increases in such prime days and shelves usually gets empty. Mark hired ten employees to make sure that no shelf is left empty. Due to rush at prime days it becomes difficult for the individuals of Super Mart to look for empty shelves and once the employee finds out an empty shelf he would notify storekeeper to grab products from store to refill the shelf. This process of filling the shelf can take time as sometimes due to rush it becomes difficult for the employee to search for the empty shelves and it may take time to grab the product on short notice. Mark realizes the problem and he wants fewer people so he can save the cost and he want less interruption of storekeepers while customers crowd . He wants to be notified instantly as if the shelf gets empty it can be refilled in no time to facilitate the buyers. 


Samuli (CEO, Next Shelf) has envision the problem some years back, compiled up some research and approached us (Nixense Vixion) to help him to bring up the solution to the problem. A collaborative effort helped us to design a computer vision technology that can use the video stream from cameras mounted in a store and can recognize out of stock shelves, detect their labels and read the product name that needs to be refilled. All the desired information is propagated to designated officers or managers in no time using mobile app notifications and interactive dashboards. Mark discovered the Next Shelf while searching for some solutions online. He contacted Samuli, scheduled a meeting for a demo, persuaded by the performance and signed a contract (victory)