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Computer Vision

Swimming Performance Logger 

The Problem for athletes is to hire a professional coach to keep track of stroke rate, time lapse and swimming patterns. The continuous manual logging of an athlete's performance is troublesome for a coach and athlete. Moreover, not every small club and athlete can afford the cost of a professional trainer.

The Challenge is to design an AI powered solution that can automate repetitive and hectic task of logging, so that the trainer can focus on more number of athletes at a time and on customized strategies for a particular athlete. 

Case Staudy 
Dexter is a Bank cashier in London and an amateur swimmer. He is enthusiastic to be a professional swimmer, but his hectic routine and pocket does not allow him to spend a defined time with a professional coach or trainer. He wants to resume his practice whenever he gets some time without any external dependency as he is an active member of the swimming club. He tried to maintain his records to have a sense of accountability, but the self-evaluation and documentation diverge him from the original goal which was to focus on swimming. Therefore, he quit regular swimming and became an occasional swimmer.


David (CEO, Swim Today) himself had a quite similar story to Dexter. But, he didn’t quit and took it as a business opportunity. He got in touch with Nixense Vixion, shared his personal experiences, difficulties that a novice swimmer faces. With the collaboration of domain and technology expertise, David ended up with a conclusion to replace the trainer with a Computer Vision technology. This technology is accessible through mobile application that can analyze the swimming patterns, velocity and time of an athelete under water even in low visibility. David experimented the technology on himself and had remarks that we are on the path to fully replicate a virtual trainer. For now, it can totally kick out manual way of performance logging.